Free Online Safety and Training Courses

The state of Washington is offering some invaluable online safety and training courses on their website. Topics include:

Accident Investigation Safety Checklists HAZCOM Ergonomics Fall Protection Janitorial Services Job Safety / Hazard Analyses Lockout / Tagout Noise Process Safety Management (PSM) and much more

You can find the courses and modules on […]

OSHA Interpretations: 5 Responses to Scaffolding

For information on fall protection, see’s Post , Fall Protection Guidelines.

Five popular Scaffolding interpretations from OSHA (29CFR1926.450, Subpart L).

Question 1: When may the space between scaffold planks or between scaffold planks and uprights exceed one inch in width?

Answer: The relevant standard, 29 CFR ยง1926.451(b)(1)(i), states:

Each platform unit (e.g., scaffold plank, […]

Fall Protection Guidelines

A synopsis of OSHA’s Fall Protection Standards (OSHA standard 29 CFR 1926.501 through 503).

Fall protection is generally thought of as:

Guardrail systems Safety net systems Personal fall arrest systems Positioning device systems, and/or Warning line systems

The standard:

Covers most construction workers except persons inspecting, assessing, or investigating the workplace conditions prior to […]