AIHA Publishes Body of Knowledge on IAQ, Respiratory Protection, and Direct Read Instruments

AIHA has begun publishing technical documents that represent the “body of knowledge” that a competent and skillful practitioner should possess. The documents are available for free on AIHA’s website and currently consists of the following:

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – Indoor Air Quality Practitioner (637) Respiratory Protection – Respiratory Protection Program Administration and Fit […]

(Almost) Free Webinar: The Changing Face of Indoor Air Quality

The University of North Carolina, Occupational Safety and Health Education and Research Center, is offering an almost free (only $6) webinar on “The Changing Face of Indoor Air Quality.” The webinar will be conducted Wednesday, February 3, 2010 from 1:00pm to 2:30pm ET. Guest speaker will be Dr. Wayne Thomann, Director Occupational and Environmental Safety […]

Webinar: Free Webinar on IAQ & Mold Remediation

Tomorrow, Dec. 2nd at 12PM-1PM EST, the IAQ Learning Institute of Pure Air Control Services is conducting a FREE webinar on IAQ/Mold 101 Remediation.

RU’s/CEU’s are available. This course has already been approved by the ACAC.

Register HERE

Free Webinar: Indoor Air Quality – Separating Fact From Fiction

“Indoor Air Quality: Separating Fact from Fiction”, presented by Scott Lawson, covers issues relating to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) including common complaints, contaminants and sources, the anatomy of an effective IAQ assessment, and IAQ standards.

The presentation begins with the overall comparison of IAQ issues and their origins. Many IAQ complaints emanate from either […]

“Made in China” Drywall Off-Gasing?

Here are some of the information that has been put together based upon the claims of off-gasing from chinese made drywall.

Homeowners have begun to complain about Chinese made drywall that gives off a egg-like stench Between 2004-2008, approximately 540,000,000 (540 million) pounds of plasterboard (which includes drywall and ceiling tiles) was imported into the […]