AIHA Publishes Body of Knowledge on IAQ, Respiratory Protection, and Direct Read Instruments

AIHA has begun publishing technical documents that represent the “body of knowledge” that a competent and skillful practitioner should possess. The documents are available for free on AIHA’s website and currently consists of the following:

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – Indoor Air Quality Practitioner (637) Respiratory Protection – Respiratory Protection Program Administration and Fit […]

Odor Thresholds, TLVs, OELs, IDLHs, and Respirator Selection Guide for Chemicals

3M Corporation put together a respiratory protection guide (download link at end of this article) that contains a wealth of information for OH&S professionals including:

Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) levels Odor Thresholds Occupational Exposure Levels (OELs) Respiratory Protection Selection Guide

IDLH’s are published by NIOSH and “refers to the acute respiratory exposure […]

Differences Between a Respirator and a Surgical Mask

Want to know what the general differences between a respirator and a surgical mask? Watch the following video.

In summary,

A respirator:

reduces exposure to airborne contaminants specifically fits you must be NIOSH certified, if required by your employer protects against many airborne infectious diseases

A facemask:

loose fitting disposable mask help stop […]

AIHA Releases White Paper on the Need for Respiratory Protection Research

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) recently released a white paper on the need for research of respiratory protection to “enhance the safe and effective use of respiratory protection.”

Among the research needs are:

Measurement of respirator performance Qualitative fit testing for full facepiece respirators Appropriateness of fit factor safety margin criterion In-facepiece measurements Effectiveness […]

Approved NIOSH N-95 Respirators

The N95 respirator is the most common of the seven types of particulate filtering facepiece respirators. This product filters at least 95% of airborne particles but is not resistant to oil.

View the complete list of approved N-95 respirators HERE

A list all of the seven types of particulate filtering facepiece respirators is shown below:


N95 Respirator Training and Fit Testing Verification Card

A copy of the N95 Respirator Training and Fit Testing Verification Card can be download HERE: (N95 Respirator Training and Fit Testing Verification Card (1553))

During a recent AOHP/OSHA Alliance conference call that included the National Personal Protective Technology Lab (NNNPTL), a need was identified for healthcare workers to easily recall the type of […]

New Guidance Document – Assigned Protection Factors

OSHA has issued a new guidance document for employers who may need to establish and implement a respiratory protection program due to potential exposures to contaminants in workplace air. The document focusues on the mandatory selection provisions of the assigned protection factors (APFs), maximum use concentrations (MUCs) and the use of the APF […]