Part III

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Determine the total percent dose for the following noise measurements:

1 hour @ 85 dB
3 hours @95 dB
0.5 hours @ 105 dB
3.5 hours @ 80 dB

What is the airflow rate given the following conditions:

Hood Entry Coefficient = 0.90
Hood Static Pressure = -2.5 “w.g.
Duct Diameter = 12”

Heat Stress:
What is the amount of radiant heat gain for a worker exposed to a radiant heat source with a temperature of 134 ˚F?

General Sciences:
How many moles of acetone are there in 250 mL of vapor at NTP (760 mm Hg, 25 ˚C)?

Ventilation: What is the steady state concentration for acetone (MW = 58.08) given an emission rate of 1.0 pints per hour and a ventilation rate of 1200 cfm (assume NTP)?

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