Current State of US Worker Health & Safety

The entire NIOSH document can be found HERE

In 2008 more than 145 million people in the U.S. were employed in the civilian workforce. Every day, approximately 9,000 workers are injured on the job and 15 workers die from a fatal workplace injury. Work-related illness claims the lives of about another 135 workers and retirees […]

Occupational Injuries Lower in 2008

Nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses among private industry employers in 2008 occurred at a rate of 3.9 cases per 100 equivalent full-time workers, down from 4.2 cases in 2007, according a report by the Department of Labor’s the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In 2008, there were 3.7 million nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses reported, down […]

BLS Reissues 2007 Occupational Injuries & Illnesses Report

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has recently reissued the 2007 Report of Occupational Injuries & Illnesses Requiring Days Away from Work.

According to information provided by BLS,

This news release was reissued on March 31, 2009 to correct selected data within the mining and railroad industries that were misclassified by BLS. Except for these […]