“Made in China” Drywall Off-Gasing?

made-in-chinaHere are some of the information that has been put together based upon the claims of off-gasing from chinese made drywall.

  • Homeowners have begun to complain about Chinese made drywall that gives off a egg-like stench
  • Between 2004-2008, approximately 540,000,000 (540 million) pounds of plasterboard (which includes drywall and ceiling tiles) was imported into the US from China
  • A majority of the imported drywall entered the US following the 2005 hurricane season that caused a domestic drywall shortage
  • Chinese drywall was less expensive
  • The drywall was made with fly ash which may not have been refined (i.e. cleaned) as well as some domestically made drywall.
  • The Florida Department of Health found the drywall to emit “volatile sulfur compounds” and contained strontium sulfide, which can release hydrogen sulfide in moist air (i.e. rotten egg smell)
  • A University of New Orleans toxicologist has identified hydrogen sulfide, sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide and carbon disulfide in the drywall
  • Agencies of the Chinese government did not respond to repeated Associated Press’ requests for comment

A copy of the AP article can be found HERE