Return on Investment (ROI) for Early Ergonomic Intervention

The Canadian Occupational Safety webzine recently published an article regarding the types of returns companies can expect from early ergonomic intervention.  The purpose of the article was to “to show the business case for using ergonomic and accessible design early in the design/build, move, renovation and/or purchase phase” and their numbers sound convincing.  Jane Sleeth, managing director and consultant with Optimal Performance Consultants, stated that the cases they have worked on have shown significant ROI when sound ergonomic principles are used in the early stages of workplace/work-process design.

Most importantly are the numbers discussed.  Sleeth states that,

Over the last 20 years, we found that businesses that use ergonomics and human factors at the initial phase of purchasing, design, move and/or build projects save anywhere from 15 percent to as high as 700 percent in follow up consulting fees, modifications and retrofits, as well as additional capital purchase costs.

To view the article, visit the COS website HERE.