NIOSH Offers Free Health Hazard Evaluations

Much in the same way that OSHA offers free onsite health and safety consulting services, NIOSH has a similar program for workplaces.  A Health Hazard Evaluation (HHE), offered by NIOSH, is a study of hazardous materials or harmful conditions in the workplace.  Taking the form of an interview, site visit and evaluation, or helpful information, the HHE provides the NIOSH findings and/or recommendations to the employer in the effort to reduce the hazard of issue.

To request a NIOSH HHE, click HERE.

1. When to request an HHE from NIOSH

You are an employee, employee representative, or employer and the following apply:

  • Employees have an illness from an unknown cause.
  • Employees are exposed to an agent or working condition that is not regulated by OSHA.
  • Employees experience adverse health effects from exposure to a regulated or unregulated agent or working condition, even though the permissible exposure limit is not being exceeded.
  • Medical or epidemiological investigations are needed to evaluate the hazard.
  • The incidence of a particular disease or injury is higher than expected in a group of employees.
  • The exposure is to a new or previously unrecognized hazard.
  • The hazard seems to result from the combined effects of several agents.

2. When to request help from the OSHA Consultation Program

You are a small business owner and you want:

  • assistance in recognizing hazards in your workplace.
  • suggestions or options for correcting safety and health issues.
  • assistance in developing or maintaining an effective safety and health program.
  • to reduce workers compensation cost and improve employee morale..

The OSHA On-site Consultation Program:

  • is a free service.
  • is delivered by state (and territorial) governments using well-trained safety and health professionals.
  • is separate from enforcement.
  • is confidential. The company’s name, and any other identifying information provided about the workplace, plus any unsafe or unhealthful working conditions that the consultant uncovers, will not routinely be reported to OSHA enforcement personnel.
  • does not issue and citations, penalties, or fines.
  • will provide you a confidential, written report that summarizes the consultant’s findings.
  • requires the correction of hazards identified by the consultant(s).
  • under specific circumstances, employers with exemplary safety and health programs can be recommend for recognition and provided with an exclusion from general schedule inspections.