Leading Indicators in Occupational Safety and Health

Leading Indicators

The Campbell Institute has conducted a multi-year research study on leading indicators in the Environmental, Health and Safety field, with particular attention to Occupational Health and Safety.  They have published 2 documents on their research on leading indicators that contain a wealth of information from industry leaders and visionaries.

  Elevating EHS Leading Indicators: From Defining to Designing (2.1 MiB, 1,092 hits)

  Practical Guide to Leading Indicators (1.7 MiB, 1,324 hits)

Great information and resources for companies looking to move from a lagging indicator performance measurement system to a system that is designed to identify problems in the early stages for corrective action implementation.  The documents provide case studies on what some of the top companies in the world have implemented with regards to safety and health leading indicators.

Discussions on leading indicators that are based on: risk assessment, hazard id, risk profiling, preventive and corrective actions, management of change process, learning systems, EHS management system evaluations, auditing, discipline, recognition, communication, training, compliance, perception, engagement, permits, and more.

Source: The Campbell Institute