NFPA 350 Guide for Confined Space Entry Work

The national Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recently hosted a webinar on the new NFPA 350 Guide for Safe Confined Space Entry and Work.  This webinar is available above and on YouTube with highlights including:

  • Background and vision for the NFPA 350 document on confined spaces
  • Ways NFPA 350 addresses confusion and gaps in existing standards, including:
    • ASSE Z117.1 Safety Requirements for Confined Spaces,
    • OSHA Permit Required Confined Space Standard 1910.146, and
    • OSHA Confined Space in Construction 1926.1200 – 1926.1203
  • Confined space confusion exists in:
    • Permit required vs. confined spaces
    • Terminology that “non-permit” spaces implies nothing needs to be done
    • Reclassification and alternate procedures

Source: NFPA, YouTube