December 2009 CIH Exam Prep Questions, Part I


The latest CIH exam prep questions have been posted to You can find these 30 questions covering a wide range of IH topics HERE.

Please note: Semicolons (;) denote a new line for questions and answers, so if you are working the problems on paper, keep this in mind.

Please leave your results as a comment to this post.  Thanks & Good Luck!!!

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2 comments to December 2009 CIH Exam Prep Questions, Part I

  • Brad Sloan

    I scored 17 out of 30 (56.7%-Satisfactory) guessing on all the math questions.

  • The second to last qestion on the Dec I package. Ventilation – steady state concentration….3.0 pints/hour. I’m confused how this equation works..without any units. the number 24.45…is that L/Mol?



    You are correct, the units for Molecular Volume are L/mol

    Molecular volume = L/mol = V/n = 24.45 @ NTP = RT/P
    This is all using the ideal gas equation

    Thanks for asking,


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